They Taught Us Nothing, Installation, Mixed Media, Variable size, 2023.

Infinite's operation is radically set in a precise ideological position, a complex battle against dominant ideological and political conditions that cannot be easily dismantled. What emerges is a common background, a 'no' against all apologia. A dissent that is rooted in the power of being able to intervene on a symbolic level, producing signs and representations as a multiplicity of possible worlds, seeking to reappropriate the violent expropriation of experience. An alternative to what we have been taught.

'They Taught Us Nothing', is a multilayer installation, is a clear reference to/reappropriation of (if you will) Minderwertigkinder (2011) by the Chapman brothers. Twelve years have passed and still, the prominent dog snout is there hinting at the child this mannequin once was - with a fixed gaze to the outside, yet the patch on its sweatshirt no longer features an inverted swastika, but a broken rifle forming an “A” for “Anarchy”.
The boy keeps reading; every time you cross paths he’ll have a different book in hand (perhaps). Familiar with the horrors of political violence, once vulnerable to vicious moral and ethical conditioning, the mannequin appears to have achieved newfound lucidity after having disobeyed and refused ‘sleep-learnt’ supremacist notions.

Installation view at SpecchioSpecchio, SBT studio, Milan, Italy, 2023, curated by Paola Shiamtani and Arnold Braho.