APOPTOSIS, Video Installation, Ink on Adolf Hitler headed paper, ?

There is a dangerous aspects on the phenomenon of social homologation in the relationships between individuals who make up an organized life system.
An organized system of individuals, also known as a Society, is associated herein with the term Machine.
The term Machine is a verbal allegory that defines the functioning of the System as a complex organism.

If one considers the world as a finite material globe, one realizes that the individuals that live in it, 
occupy it by dividing it with casualty into complex organized systems linked together by the massification and cultural contamination of these materials.
 The sphericity of the globe does not allow the infinite dispersion of the same ones on it.

This complex organizations includes the concept of “apoptosis” as necessary.
In biology, the term apoptosis indicates the mechanism of programmed cell death. This mechanism is proper for existence itself.
The individual is born to die. Death is the final condition of life.
If the individual does not acknowledge the concept of the end as necessary for its existence, then the individual,
when he is no longer subject and becomes an object in function to the System, recognizes its temporality in it.


The elements that make up the work are two:

The first part of this piece is a sheet of old and original paper headed to Hitler with an anatomical chart drawn on it. 
The subject on the chart is an androgynous human body.This is what I created to be “The Machine.”
The direct intervention on the stationery is fundamental. The object in question is one stationery that has never reached its original purpose of being compiled and shipped.
The secon element is a rotating swastika made with photografic portraits of Adolf Hitler at approximately one years old. 
 This is what I create as “The symbol”. These retain their purpose in power.
Through an overlapping intervention, it makes the act a subversion of the System of origin.

To visually summarize these phenomena, I use a series of visual information that is based on a historical examples. 
In this visual lexicon the relationship between symbols and mass homologation is fundamental and easily identifiable by a large number of people.
One of the symbols that I am appropriating is the figure of Adolf Hitler, and the visual language of the political-ideological system of Nazism.
The nazi phenomenon is the perfect example of how a brutal political machine can work because it is supported by almost the full population in a national system.